Internet Services via Satellite

If you are located in remote areas where DSL, Cable or Frame Relay is not available or too expensive, consider Internet connection via satellite services from Omni. We have provided Internet by satellite broadband IP connectivity worldwide since 2009 and connect our customers directly to Top Tier providers of Indonesia.

Connecting with Omni is very simple and does not require a connection to any terrestrial network. After the installation of small satellite dish / VSAT antena, alone or with the help of a technician, it is enough to connect the modem to your computer and you can immediately use the internet.

As it relies on a satellite positioned 45ooo km above the earth, Omni is available throughout Indonesia. Even if your business is located in rural areas, in the mountains, or in areas not yet reached by terrestrial connections, with Omni you will always have a reliable connection,

The Internet over satellite services from Omni suit a wide range of applications including Wireless HotSpot.

Network Consultant, Design, Implementation and Monitoring

Omni also dedicated to connecting small and medium businesses with technology. Some of the services we offer include static and dynamic routing, firewall, QoS, tunnel, vpn, hotspot, wirelless, etc. Our mission is to help companies implement innovative and cost effective technology solutions allowing them to gain efficiency and security in their business. What sets us apart from the rest is our exceptional customer service as we partner with our customers to ensure their success.